Monday, November 24, 2008

Masonic Fountain Pen

Pictured to the left is a fountain pen, decorated with Masonic Symbols, that I recently purchased.

Here's a mini review:

The asking price is $70.00, which I think is a tad too much, $50.00 seems to me to be more reasonable. However, I was amazed at the smoothness of the nib and the consistent ink flow. I have more expensive pens that do not write this well. The smoothness of the nib and the ink flow justifies the asking price. No matter how great a pen looks, if it doesn't write well it's not worth the investment.

The pen has many Masonic symbols engraved on the cap, clip, barrel and nib, most of which can not be seen in the photo. The symbols include the following:

Twenty-four inch Gage
All Seeing Eye
Sprig of Acacia
Skull & Bones
Pentacle surrounded by an Ourobouros
Rough & Smooth Ashlars
Hour Glass
47th Problem of Euclid

The Square and Compasses are engraved on the nib along with the words Master Mason. The Square and Compasses can also be found on the clip with the words Master Mason encircling the cap band.

The pen has a nice heft but is not fatiguing to write with for long periods. Whether you purchase it for yourself or as a gift you will not be disappointed.

The site has other Masonic pens and paraphernalia for sale.

Click here: to explore the site.

Have Pen, Will Write


Clifford Jacobs


Lynx said...

$70 dollars...sounds like it's well worth it and it is gorgeous. I love the look , sleek , modern with antique looking symbols.

Mantra said...

I am glad you are enjoying your new pen. It sounds like you invested your money in a good pen. It sounds like you are enjoying the use of it. I like the fact that you are writing with a Masonic Fountain Pen because it is nice to know that the pen which you love to write is more than just a pen in so many levels.

Gregory said...

I am trying to find that pen, but cannot. The URL link does not seem to be working anymore. Any idea where else it might be found?