Sunday, March 22, 2009


A comment that I received that deserves to be posted as a blog entry.

Dear Cliff,

I love the article that you have written about Edgar Allan Poe. He was an extraordinary man and an incomparable artist! He created a particular style of writing that influenced and continues to influence not only American writers but foreign ones as well, as you stated. It is wonderful that America is honoring him on his 200th anniversary. I happen to be French and a Baudelaire follower and it was through Baudelaire that I discovered Poe at the tender age of eleven.

Baudelaire admired Poe so much that he translated his work into French. It was Baudelaire that stated that " Poe's condemnation by his country fellowmen springs from a democratic hatred of genius". I would greatly recommend Charles Baudelaire's work to all the Poe lovers. He and Poe have quite a lot in common, from the general metaphysical boredom that they both felt to even physical resemblances. And, may I say that Baudelaire's poetry will either enchant or schock your mind. It will have an effect on you! He is called "le poete maudit" which translates as the cursed poet.

Great French authors like Victor Hugo, Stephane Mallarme, J.K. Huysmans, Alfred de Vigny to name a few all acclaimed Baudelaire's genius when his work was censured. Thanks Cliff for reminding us to honor the great Edgar Allan Poe.Vive Edgar Allan Poe! Vive Cliff (or Jake) as you like to be called for writing about him!

March 20, 2009 3:17 PM

Baudelaire's lover, Jeanne Duval, Haitian Dancer & Actress
"La Venus Noire"

Thank you Antoinette for your informed and gracious comments about my blog entry on Poe and Baudelaire. It's comforting to know that you are aware of and appreciate the relationship between these two wonderful writers. Your mention of Huysmans is also intriguing. I read A Rebours in college and his Las-Bas sits on my shelf waiting to be read, again!
Chien Cliff

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