Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twsbi Diamond 530 Demonstrator Fountain Pen

At the recent New York City Fountain Pen Show I purchased a TWSBI Diamond 530 Demonstrator fountain pen. A demonstrator is a transparent pen where you can see the internal mechanism. Demonstrators are highly sought after and most pen manufacturers have one in their offerings. I'm not a big fan of demonstrators but, I could not leave the pen show without at least one purchase. At a cost of $40.00 this pen is a wonderful investment. In size it is akin to the 800 series of the Pelikan line.

The ink line was a tad to thin for my taste so I flexed the tines of the nib and increased the ink flow and now the pen writes like a charm. I do wish that the internal chamber held a little more ink but that is a minor criticisim.

The price of a pen can increase or decrease according to the materials of which it is made or the method of filling. Some pens use only ink cartridges, not my favorites. Others use cartridge converters which gives you the option of filling from a bottle, which is my preference. Still others are piston fill which means only bottled ink can be used. The TWSBI is a piston fill and at t$40 it is, indeed, a bargain.

The pen comes with a tool to disassemble the piston and with a small vial of silicone grease to coat the piston to prevent leakage which was, initially, a problem. The fact that the pen can be completely disassembled should be a joy to pen collectors who like to dabble in pen tweaking.

All in all the TWSBI demonstrator is a great investment and will deliver many hours of writing pleasure.

Scribo Ergo Sum

Clifford "Jake" Jacobs
Have Pen, Will Write


jenny said...
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jenny said...

This pen is really great, from the PC to delete the faces on the emblem of the red TWSBI gun at the top. The pen comes with a piston of the tool and a bottle of silicone grease.

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