Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fountain Pen Photos

Conklin Endura fountain pen with compasses, Rosicrucian Cross & Masonic coin.

Masonic fountain pen with Rose Croix & 33rd Degree Jewels.

Rose Croix & 33rd Degree jewels with a Libelle Nature mother-of-pearl FP.

33rd Degree Jewel with Fleur-de-lis bookend, Scottish Rite coin and Montblanc Le Grande (146) FP.

 33rd Degree & Rose Croix jewels with Rosicrucian Cross & Montblanc Le Grande (146) FP.

Waterford Kilbarry guilloche (right) and Stipula Duetto (left)

Scribo Ergo Sum

Have Pen, Will Write


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