Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Once again QPTV's studio was filled with pen talk when C.C. Reilly, George Campbell, Garlien Jenkins and Sara Jeen Groensky stopped by to chat. Some of you may recognize George who recently retire from Art Brown Brothers. This was Garlien Jenkins second visit to the studio and, once again, he brought an amazing collection of writing instruments: Krone, Stipula, Michel Perchin most of which were limited editions. Sara Jeen was new to the program but she fell-in like a pro. She also brings alive any room she walks into with her electrifying presence, you gotta' love her! C.C. and I have been friends for years now we first met when she was producing programs through Queens Public Television. We also keep up a regular correspondence by writing cards and letters to each other. Below are a few photos from the studio taping.

C.C. Reilly reads from a letter that she sent to Cliff over seven years ago.

C.C. Reilly and George Campbell (formerly of Art Brown Brothers.)

George Campbell (left) and Garlien Jenkins (right)

 Sarah Jeen Groensky Sales Rep

From left to right: C.C., George, Garlien, Sara & Cliff
Have Pen, Will Write 2013

I must also thank the great crew: Roz Nieves, Luchia Dragosh, Madeline Johnson, Alfred Ying,
Emilia Paradela, Katie Wozniak and Steven Williams.